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We believe life is meant to be lived with others.

Our Groups take place quarterly each year: 1st Quarter (January – March), 2nd Quarter (April – June), 3rd Quarter (July – September), and 4th Quarter (October – December). Locations will be in various homes and locations around town or at GSC.

Leading a Group

For those regularly attend GSC, you can lead a Connection Group. The purpose is to develop relationships by intentionally involving ourselves in others’ lives. 

Submit your group idea on the church website. New Group Leaders will meet with leadership for an overview of Group Leader expectations. 

If leading a group, the submission deadline for each quarter is the first week of

  • 1st Quarter – December 
  • 2nd Quarter – March
  • 3rd Quarter – June
  • 4th Quarter – September
Lead a Group

Joining a Group

Do you want to be a part of a group this next quarter?

We have several types of groups, from hobby-based hangouts, to Bible studies, to classes for stages of life. You can also sign up to serve in different ministries!

You can sign up each quarter at Rally Day or right here on our website.

First, look at our current Directory of Connection Groups and Serve team Groups, then sign up using the form below.

See Fall 2022 Group Directory

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Fill out the form below to let us know which groups you would like to be a part of.

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